every old blog is new again

Hi there.  This is a brand new post to a blog which was started several years ago in frustration over the old blog and had about a half a dozen posts before I got fed up and returned to my old blog.  The old blog appears to have been hacked, and since changing the password didn’t seem to help, I came back here and deleted all the old posts so I could have a fresh start.  My old blog was a combination of hobby posts (mainly doodling, but also a little photography, cooking and sewing) and random mommy thoughts and stories / photos of my kiddo.  This one will be more of the same.

First off, as of last month, we officially have a second grader.  He’ll be eight years old next month – he’s bright, funny, and sweet – he can be pretty goofy and is also sharp with puns.  His current interests include Minecraft, Bad Piggies, Slugterra and making and watching stop-motion animated Lego movies.  He has been fond of penguins for a while and still loves ’em.
We’ve had some issues with ADHD-like behaviors, however (issues which are most likely related to something else, but that’s a post for another time) – and that leads us to one of the big changes here:  diet.  I have been desperate to avoid attempting a gluten-free diet because it is pretty restrictive, you have to be super-careful (I just learned I cross-contaminated my GF bread yesterday by using our toaster!), and takes a long time (sometimes three months!) to yield results… and I’ve been told that if you slip up during the first three months, you have to start all over again – GAHHHH.  After doing some research, I’ve found that some people see results after a few weeks… so that’s what I’m hoping will be the case for us.  I’m also hoping that we will see an improvement with seasonal allergies /colds as well.
Before deciding to commit to this change, I had questions that I’m sure other parents have when considering a GF diet for their children:
  • How will I be able to adapt / replace my child’s favorite gluten-riddled foods?
  • How do we deal with dining out?
  • What the flippin’ flip are teff, amaranth, konjac?  Where on earth do I find sweet potato flour in this world?
  • How will we survive without light, airy dinner rolls??
The thing is, we’re considering meds at this point.  And my mommy gut says we need to try this first.  So here we are.  Wish us luck!